Women abused in Bush’s ‘new’ Afghanistan

Afghan war, cartoon by Ted Rall

Again and again, George W Bush’s pseudo feminist rhetoric for starting his Afghanistan war, is exposed by the facts as lies.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Abuse of Afghan women: ‘It was my decision to die. I was getting beaten every day’

In parts of Afghanistan, women are treated as chattels. Domestic violence leaves many with no escape.

By Kim Sengupta in Kabul

Published: 24 November 2006

Halima spends her life in the shadows.

The light shows up her face, which bears the marks of her pain and humiliation – damage inflicted by her violent husband, while his family stood and watched.

The 22-year-old woman’s left cheekbone was shattered during one of the many beatings she had to endure for four years.

She has other injuries – burns on her chest caused by having the scalding contents of a kettle flung at her; a broken rib; an arm which gives her constant pain because of the force with which it was repeatedly wrenched.

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