USA: electric car killed. Corporations vs. environment. New film

This video is the film Who Killed The Electric Car, with Dutch subtitles.

By Jay Stock:

Profit over the environment

Who Killed the Electric Car?, written and directed by Chris Paine

25 November 2006

Who Killed the Electric Car?, a film written and directed by Chris Paine, was shown in some theatres earlier this year and was released on video November 14.

The following review was submitted by a reader of the World Socialist Web Site.

Chris Paine has crafted a provocative exposé of General Motors’ cancellation of its electric vehicle program in 2004.

Filmed in the style of a murder mystery, the documentary investigates the death of the EV1, an electric vehicle developed by GM in the 1990s in response to the visionary, but ill-fated, zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

At its essence, Who Killed the Electric Car? is a case study in how the profit system has interfered with material human progress—with the rational use of technology to stem global warming, fight air pollution, and adopt sustainable sources of energy.

The film successfully reveals how, in collusion with the auto industry and oil companies, the federal government and the CARB betrayed the long-term interests of the American people in order to cater to the short-term profitability of big corporations.

10 thoughts on “USA: electric car killed. Corporations vs. environment. New film

  1. Watched “Who Killed the Electric Car” recently (great documentary), then i heard that GM and Tesla are making another run at the electric car (yay for progress!) hopefully development of this technology can continue forward uninterrupted by the powers that depend on oil consumption.


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