23 miners killed in Poland

This video is called Strike84 Images from the 1984 Miners Strike UK.

By Cezar Komorovsky:

Polish mining disaster claims 23 lives

25 November 2006

In the worst mining disaster in modern Polish history, 23 miners lost their lives at Halemba, a colliery in the town of Ruda Slaska in the southern industrial province of Silesia.

A methane explosion at a depth of 1,030 meters caused the November 21 tragedy.

The miners were attempting to retrieve €17 million ($US22 million) worth of equipment from a tunnel when a blast caused the shaft to collapse.

The tunnel was supposed to have been closed in March due to dangerously high methane concentrations, but was kept active because of the value of the equipment left behind.

The pit was the site of a near-fatal accident earlier this year.

In February, a methane gas explosion led to one miner being trapped under rubble for 111 hours. He was eventually pulled out alive.

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