Socialist Party winner of elections in The Netherlands. Especially among women and poor

Socialist Party logo 2006

Among low income voters in the Dutch general election, the Socialist Party has 27% of voters in this category, making it the biggest there.

Much higher than among voters in general.

The second party among low income voters was the PvdA (Labour), with 22%.

Women were 61% of Socialist party voters, men 39%.

NOS TV pundit Ferry Mingelen explained that as women voting emotionally, while male voters supposedly voted rationally.

This insults the intelligence of women voters.

Comments in English on the Socialist Party: here.

PvdA leader Wouter Bos in his speech said that the electorate had rejected the anti social plans of the Right.

According to political scientists’ research, the PvdA would have won more seats if they would have advocated totally a coalition of the three Left parties, and would have excluded a coalition with the CDA (which did not win a majority, and is very impopular with PvdA voters).

Marco Pastors, ex Pim Fortuyn ally, was said to have got zero seats.

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