Dutch general election. Tonight live blogging at this blog

Anti Iraq war demonstration in AmsterdamTonight there will be live blogging at this blog.

The subject will be the Dutch General Election of today.

The live blogging will probably start at about 8:55 PM, Central European Time.

Will the prediction of pollsters that the minority coalition government of the Rightist CDA and VVD parties will lose seats, come true?

Will the three parties on the Left, PvdA (Labour), Socialist Party, and Green Left, have a majority of seats in parliament?

Or would they (or CDA and VVD) need fourth or fifth parties for a majority?

Will predictions of the Socialist Party, now the fourth party in number of seats, more than doubling in size, becoming third or even second party, overtaking VVD and PvdA, become true?

Under the Dutch proportional representation system, about twelve parties are expected to get seats in parliament.

Will the scandal of Dutch officers torturing Iraqi prisoners be fully investigated if the present Rightist government loses?

Will Dutch troops stay in Afghanistan?

Will a Rightist government continue to make things worse for poor people?

Will the government continue to, in effect, promote xenophobia?

Tonight, it may be possible to say a bit more on these and other questions.

Even if you are not Dutch, under voting age, or anything, you can vote at the poll here (scroll down).

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