Madagascar pochard rediscovered

Madagascar pochardFrom BirdLife:

Diving duck resurfaces


The Madagascar Pochard, a diving duck last sighted in 1991 and feared ‘Possibly Extinct’, has been rediscovered during a survey in remote northern Madagascar.

Conservationists from The Peregrine Fund Madagascar Project, discovered nine adults and four recently-hatched young on a remote lake, and have since revisited the site for further observations and data.

See also here.

Madagascar pochard captive breeding: here.

November 2009. Following the success of the first efforts to bring Madagascar pochard chicks into a conservation breeding programme, the combined team from Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) & The Peregrine Fund have successfully brought in two more clutches: here.

Efforts to establish a breeding programme to save the Madagascar Pochard, have received a boost from Defra’s Darwin Initiative: here.

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