US armed forces: nazis, convicted criminals, drug addicts, middle aged welcome. Gays not

Iraq war recruitment, cartoon

You’re in advanced middle age?

Welcome to join the United States armed forces.

As the Iraq war made joining these forces so unpopular that all former guidelines are being dropped.

You are on drugs?

Welcome to join the United States armed forces.

You have a criminal record?

Welcome to join the United States armed forces.

You are a nazi (see also here)?

Welcome to join the United States armed forces.

Well … I wrote “all former guidelines are being dropped”.

Not quite true.

One remains, though it is changed now.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

The United States Department of [sic] Defense recently changed its guidelines on homosexuality.

From being described as a mental disorder, homosexuality now is included in a list of ‘bodily conditions, circumstances and defects’ like bed watering, sleepwalking, and fear of flying.

The change came after protests by the American Psychiatric Association, the APA.

It discovered early this year that the Pentagon still categorized homosexuality as a mental disorder, even though psychiatrists stopping doing so in 1973.

The APA disagrees with the new categorization as well.

See also here.

Recruiters and cocaine in the USA: here.

Recruitment in Britain: here.

An Israeli feminist vs. the Israeli armed forces; from the Financial Express:

Chalili, an activist with the Tel Aviv-based Feminist Women’s House, a women’s rights advocacy NGO, refused to enrol in the army not only because she found the army a patriarchal institution, but also because she firmly believes that she cannot serve an organisation where sexual harassment is endemic.

See also on this: here.


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