The Netherlands’ military torture scandal in Iraq

Torture in Abu Ghraib

Translated rrom Dutch daily De Volkskrant:

AMSTERDAM – Dutch officers are guilty of torture of scores of Iraqi prisoners in Al Muthanna province in southern Iraq.

In November 2003 an unit of the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) did ‘brutal tactical interrrogations’.

During the interrogations, the prisoners had goggles on which made them unable to see anything.

When the goggles were not on, they were subjected to strong light.

The Iraqis were subjected to water to prevent them from sleeping, and their sense of hearing was subjected to ‘extremely high tones’.

The legal adviser who according to law should be present at such interrogations, was not present.

The Ministry of Defence confirms those facts.

The Rightist Dutch government behaved like true allies of ‘Abu GhraibRumsfeld, Bush, and Cheney, in Iraq.

Either Defense minister Kamp did a Rumsfeld style cover up; or he did not know what his own officers were doing in Iraq.

On 22 November, there is a general election in The Netherlands.

How will the electorate judge this?

The Dutch Socialist Party, who, according to polls, may triple in number of parliamentary representatives and become the second party in size, demands an investigation by parliament of this torture scandal.

5 thoughts on “The Netherlands’ military torture scandal in Iraq

  1. Dear Kitty, I do think this is an Abu Ghraib picture, and I do think that it’s appropriate if your page says that!

    Have not read any of your earlier postings yet, wondering, does Dear Kitty refer to Anne Frank’s diary???

    Have also dropped a comment to your diary at Kos.
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention – I haven’t been near a (Dutch) newspaper for weeks…


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