USA: Bush Lied. They Died T-shirt

Bush Lied. They Died T-shirt

On the Bush Lied. They Died T-shirt:

With names of all 2,803 U.S. troops killed in Iraq through Oct 23, 2006.

Selling this shirt is illegal in two states and may soon be illegal nationwide.

With your support, we will continue to sell this shirt in all 50 states until the troops come home or they throw us in jail, whichever comes first.

Scroll down for details, press release, etc.

A T-shirt with the names of the over 600,000 Iraqis killed since Bush’s 2003 invasion would be dinosaur or even bigger size.

Email reacting to this (I had to put it here because of over sensitive anti spam software at Comments):

Author: Starr

That just may be big enough to fit the egos of Bush and Cheney! Drape it over the white house and make sure each name is written in blood red.

That way it will befit the bloody history of this administration.

Make the background black as the deepest night to reflect both the secretive and deceptive actions of the administration and the fact the American people were left in the dark.

As well as signify how many of those people died… in the darkness of a war that should have never happened.

4 thoughts on “USA: Bush Lied. They Died T-shirt

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