Tony Blair’s wife not popular in India

Cherie Blair kissing Bush

From British daily The Daily Mail:

Cherie Blair’s lecture tour of India has been scrapped.

The Prime Minister’s wife had been due to speak alongside former US President Bill Clinton in Delhi, Bangalore and Bombay in a fortnight’s time.

Marketing for the speeches had claimed it was a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ for senior executives to hear ‘political visionaries’, and tickets were priced at up to £1,300.

Maybe, if Cherie would divorce her war criminal husband Tony, more people would be interested to hear her.

At least, Blair’s minister Tessa Jowell divorced her husband, up to his neck in a Berlusconi corruption scandal … well, divorced … separated.

From British daily The Independent:

Tony Blair, who narrowly defeated a recent parliamentary attempt to call an inquiry into the Iraq war, is facing a new threat from Washington, where victorious Democrats are expected to call British witnesses as they launch congressional investigations into the war.

Anti Bush protests in India: here.

5 thoughts on “Tony Blair’s wife not popular in India

  1. I have no respect for guys like Tony Blair who marry women who are just as ugly on the inside
    as they are on the outside! Cheri Blair looks like she got hit by a train! She sides with
    terrorists, so ya know what Cheri; go to hell!!


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