15 thoughts on “Sylvia Pankhurst, British suffragette and socialist

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  4. Campaigners win recognition for anti-war activist

    Tuesday 07 May 2013

    Local campaigners have won recognition for anti-war activist, suffragist and revolutionary socialist Alice Wheeldon who died in 1919 after a state-run conspiracy to destroy her.

    Over 100 people including Ms Wheeldon’s great grand-daughters Chloe and Deirdre Mason, from Sydney, Australia, attended the installation of a blue plaque commemorating a woman whom the city’s Mayor Lisa Higginbottom called a “great citizen of Derby.”

    Ms Wheeldon, a Socialist Labour Party activist and close comrade of Communist Party founders Willy Paul and Arthur McManus, died of flu during the global epidemic.

    She had been weakened by a hunger strike in prison after being convicted on a fabricated charge of conspiring to murder PM David Lloyd George and Labour leader Arthur Henderson.


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