Slam poetry in the theatre, again

Raphael, Apollo and the muses

After the first part of the first round two weeks ago, on 31 October was the second part of the first round of the slam poetry tournament.

There were supposed to be six poets: two from The Netherlands, four from Belgium.

However, from Flanders, Tine M Ducatteeuw and Pauline Pisa were not there.

From The Netherlands, the first poet on stage was Seipie from Amsterdam.

His poems were on an elephant, a carp, and more.

Second was Leon Koek, added to the program later.

His poems included one on an inflatable doll.

Third was Sylvie Marie from Belgium, whose poems included one on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale.

Then, Jos Zuijderwijk, with a poem on gulls in Leiden, and more.

Finally, David Troch from Belgium.

After a pause, with rap music by Horizontaal, including a song on Guantanamo Bay, the same poets again, but in reverse order.

Jos Zuijderwijk had a poem on the Afghanistan war. His report on this poetry night is here.

The jury decided David Troch would go on to the final round of the slam poetry tournament.

And the votes of the audience decided that Leon Koek would join him there.

2 thoughts on “Slam poetry in the theatre, again

  1. Nice to read about the slam poetry party in the LAK-theatre in Leiden. I was one of the participants.
    Comment about the dating: you dated 31 november, yesterday was 31 october.
    Another thing is the address of a lot of my poems. If you click my name here you see my prose, not my poems. There has been recently a change in the adressing. There are now two sites, one for poems: and another one, the original one, for the prose:
    They are interconnected. Maybe it’s possible to adapt.
    I thank you for your attention ysterday and now here. It was a very special evening for me. People were very enthousiastic and attentive listening. A splendid public and poetic event. It was a privilege to perform there.
    jos zuijderwijk


  2. Thanks for your comment Jos. Sorry about anti spam software delaying its appearance. I will adapt date, URL etc (yesterday night there was technical trouble at Blogsome which delayed the appearance, which caused the date issue).


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