Afghan women demonstrate against Dutch anti refugee policies

Afghan women demonstrate against US governmentToday, Afghan women demonstrated in The Hague in The Netherlands against Dutch anti refugee policies of the government which includes hardliner Rita Verdonk.

Though there is war in Afghanistan, and the situation for women there gets progressively worse, the Dutch government wants to send Afghan refugee women who have lived for many years in the Netherlands, to unsafe Afghanistan.

The demonstration was at the Plein, in front of the Dutch parliament building.

Jeroen Deijsselbloem, MP of the opposition PvdA (Labour) party, addressed the demonstrators, saying that his party opposed sending refugees back to unsafe countries.

The women had signs like: “Free speech? Not in Afghanistan“.

And “We do not want to be forced to wear a burka”.

Some of the women wore headscarves, some had uncovered hair.

In George W Bush‘s ‘new’ Afghanistan, both might mean a death sentence.

Nazi symbols of German Afghanistan troops: here.

2 thoughts on “Afghan women demonstrate against Dutch anti refugee policies

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