Vietnam, rare bat species discovered

This video says about itself:

“Asia’s Best Kept Secret” TV programme by Channel News Asia. Segment highlights on BATS & CAVES OF MULU (World Heritage Site) in Sarawak, Borneo. DEER CAVE – World’s Largest Cave Passage home of 3 million bats.

From VietNamNet:

Rare bat species discovered in Vietnam


A species of grey-nosed bat, which is very rare in the world, has been found in Vietnam, reported the Institute for Natural Ecology and Resources.

A group of scientists from the institute cooperated with experts from the UK, Iceland, Germany, Malaysia, and Thailand to make a survey of bats at the national parks of Cat Ba and Cuc Phuong in August and September under the sponsorship of the Darwin Initiative Foundation and the BP Conservation Programme.

Through the survey, scientists discovered a species of large grey-nosed bat in the two above national parks. This is the first time this species of bat has been found in Vietnam.

This species of bat, called Hipposideros grandis, was found for the first time in 1936 in the Akulnti area of Myanmar.

Before being found in Vietnam, the bat had only been found in Thailand and Myanmar.

According to the survey, the big grey-nosed bat species is living in Vietnam in large numbers. They often live with the small-nosed bat (Hipposideros alongensis).

Ngoc Huyen

Bats in Malaysia: here.

Bats in Florida, USA: here.

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