Belgium: artist Beekman’s portrait of Nelson Mandela

Beekman's portrait of Mandela

Nelson MandelaFrom The Art Server in Belgium:

Belgian artist Jan Beekman has painted a portrait of ex president of South Africa and Nobel prize winner Nelson (Rolihhahla) Mandela (°1918), at the time of his release from prison in 1990.

The work of art, at which Beekman worked for 3 years, will become part of the art collection of the United Nations in New York City.

Jan Beekman (°1929) has been living and working in the USA for twenty years.

The Beekman Stichting, which administers the artist’s works, jointly with the Belgian government, decided to donate this painting.

Mandela biography for children: here.

12 thoughts on “Belgium: artist Beekman’s portrait of Nelson Mandela

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