Britain: play on Blair’s future trial for Iraq war crimes

Blair and war in Iraq. Cartoon by Martin Rowson

From the Daily Mail in Britain:

This is Tony Blair as he would never want you to see him – a humbled war criminal facing trial for human rights abuses in Iraq.

Robert Lindsay is to play Mr Blair in a TV drama set in an imagined near future, struggling to cope with life after leaving Downing Street.

The controversial Channel 4 film, to be screened in January, will show him as the now ex-Prime Minister accused of violating international law.

And embarrassingly for the New Labour establishment, the man behind the darkly comic tale is the stepson of Mr Blair’s most loyal Cabinet ally. Television producer Hal Vogel, 35, is the son of Home Secretary John Reid‘s second wife, Brazilian film-maker Carine Adler.

Mr Vogel also produced last year’s Bafta-winning TV satire A Very Social Secretary, which lampooned David Blunkett‘s romance with Kimberly Quinn and led to Mr Blunkett threatening legal action.

Mr Vogel’s company, Mentorn, is now planning a third work, Prezza, about Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott‘s extramarital affairs.

A TV source said: “The Trial Of Tony Blair will be a much darker tale than the Blunkett film.

We will see a brooding, depressed Tony Blair obsessed by his legacy and the fallout from Iraq.”

One can hope that this fictional play will become reality.

More on Iraq: here.

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