Murdered Moroccan leftist Ben Barka: new movie

Film poster on Ben Barka

From London daily The Morning Star:

I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed

(Thursday 19 October 2006)

Directed by Serge le Peron

JEFF SAWTELL ponders the mysterious death of revolutionary Mehdi Ben Barka in this stylish fusion of fact and imagination.

Four decades after Moroccan revolutionary Mehdi Ben Barka was “disappeared” by “unknown” forces in Paris, the mystery still persists.

What happened and who killed him?

The rumours were rife. Was it a conspiracy involving French SDECE, Moroccan monarchy, Mossad and the CIA?

Silence was maintained all round, despite attempts to open the files.

For those ignorant of Barka, suffice to say he was an important member of the Moroccan opposition who, after being exiled in 1963 by King Hassan II, was central in the Tricontinental alliance.

This included those who were inspired by the Russian revolution and the emerging national liberation movement throughout Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America.

Thus, Barka not only popped up in places as diverse as Algeria, Geneva, Cairo and Cuba but he also mixed with the likes of Che Guevara, Amilcar Cabral and Malcolm X before they were assassinated.

Aleida Guevara interview: here.

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