Slam poetry in the theatre

Apollo and the muses, by Raphael

Tonight, the first round of the slam poetry tournament in the theatre.

Six poets: Canan Yagmur, who had also participated last year, Christiaan Mooiweer who had made it to the final round then, Jet Crielaard, Eric van Hoof, yours truly, and Gijs ter Haar, winner of last year.

In between, jazzy music by Roos Harmsen and Hans Wildschut.

My three poems in the first part were about a carp, the Iraq war, and a gazelle.

Then, Canan Yagmur. This year, she had maybe spent so much time on non poetic parts in preparation (glitzy golden low cut dress; comedian style introduction) that, when her poems should come, she got ‘speakers’ block’ and could not proceed.

A pity since the small bits of poetry she did manage within the time limit sounded good.

Then, Eric van Hoof, also a co-organizer of other poetry slams.

Next on stage was Christiaan Mooiweer from Delft.

Next, Jet Crielaard.

Last of this first part: Gijs ter Haar.

After the music, the same poets, but in reverse order (my three poems: on the Dutch government, on a ladybug, on football).

Then, both the jury and the audience voted on which two poets should proceed to the final round.

The audience said Christiaan Mooiweer.

The jury said Jet Crielaard.

5 thoughts on “Slam poetry in the theatre

  1. I thank you for your nice words….it was a pity….my speakers block…it came from a feeling I taught a never feel it again…but I deed…
    23 years ago at prep school, when I did not speak the Dutch language…I was lost…not belong there…and I run away…
    The audience was great that evening…thank you all…, but I am more than just a poet….a poet in a poem…I have already write a poem about that evening…my theme in this poem:
    Living is far beyond beauty, it not poetry.

    But I love to make people laugh….I am a stand-up comedian!

    Maybe….this poem explains my feelings better, than these sentences….

    I want to be a poet
    I want to be a writer
    I want to be a stage- actress
    I also want to be a singer
    Even when can’t sing…

    I don’t want to be a lawyer…
    But I will!


  2. Dear Canan, thanks for this comment and good poem!

    Sorry that over sensitive anti spam software at Blogsome delayed appearance of your comment.

    I should have said something reassuring to you that night, however, I was too absorbed then in my own poems.

    Good luck for the next performances!


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