Britain: army chief: get out of Iraq. Blair is wrong

Tony Blair and the Iraq war, cartoon by Martin Rowson

The Daily Mail is a Conservative British daily.

When Tony Blair (himself originally from a Thatcherist Conservative background) joined George W Bush in invading Iraq, the Conservative party, though in opposition, supported him.

That even the Daily Mail now publishes strong criticism of Bush and Blair’s Iraq war says something.

In the Daily Mail now, the highest ranking military officer of Britain attacks Blair:

Army chief declares war on Blair: ‘We must quit Iraq soon’

By TIM SHIPMAN 12th October 2006

The head of the Army is calling for British troops to withdraw from Iraq “soon” or risk catastrophic consequences for both Iraq and British society.

In a devastating broadside at Tony Blair’s foreign policy, General Sir Richard Dannatt stated explicitly that the continuing presence of British troops “exacerbates the security problems” in Iraq. …

The Chief of the General Staff believes that Christian values are under threat in Britain and that continuing to fight in Iraq will only make the situation worse.

His views will send shockwaves through Government.

They are a total repudiation of the Prime Minister, who has repeatedly insisted that British presence in Iraq is morally right and has had no effect on our domestic security.

Sir Richard, who took up his post earlier this year, warned that “our presence in Iraq exacerbates” the “difficulties we are facing around the world.”

He lambasts Tony Blair’s desire to forge a “liberal democracy” in Iraq as a “naive” failure and he warns that “whatever consent we may have had in the first place” from the Iraqi people “has largely turned to intolerance.”

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