‘US secret prison in Germany’

Bush: 'We do not torture'

Associated Press reports:

UK Group: Possible Secret German Prison

October 06, 2006

German territory and air space may have been used to detain prisoners transferred to Guantanamo Bay, a British organization said Friday, citing reports from prisoners.

‘We call upon the German government to order an independent investigation,’ said Clive Stafford Smith, a lawyer who is legal director for Reprieve, an organization campaigning against the death penalty.

According to Reprieve, Guantanamo prisoner Hassan bin Attash claims he was told by Jordanian torturers that his brother _ alleged senior al-Qaida figure Waleed Tawfiq bin Attash_ was being held for interrogation at a U.S. prison at an air force base in Germany.

Prisoner Binyam Mohamed says he was told by Moroccan interrogators that Khalid Sheikh Mohamed, alleged Al-Qaeda number 2, was being held for interrogation at a U.S. prison at an air force base in Germany, Reprieve said.

Prisoner Shaker Aamer, who was detained in Pakistan, believes that he and 30 other prisoners stopped in Germany and changed planes while being transported from Afghanistan to Cuba.

‘The prisoners were blindfolded and shackled, but Shaker Aamer could see underneath his blindfold and hear people talking,’ Reprieve said.

On the Net: http://www.reprieve.org.uk.

Update: here.

US ‘rendition’: here.

Idem, in Italy: here.

Torture under Pinochet and other Latin American dictators: here.

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