South Korean police raid 119 trade union offices

Demonstration for South Korean workers' rights

From London daily News Line:


South Korean civil servants union appeals for solidarity action

The Korean Government Employees Union (KGEU) has issued an urgent appeal ‘Solidarity needed!

119 of KGEU local offices forcefully closed down!’

A KGEU statement last weekend, said: ‘What the union members of the KGEU Gyeongnam Jinju Chapter, which had protected the union office from the attacks by the riot police and the authority, faced in the morning of September 28 were much more riot policemen packed up around the building and a ladder truck outside.

‘At 06:10, the union members and solidarity organisations members who held a protest sit-in overnight were forcefully pulled out one by one.

Till 07:00, the union office was taken over by the riot police and authority.

Trade union rights attacked in the USA: here.

KOREAN trade unionist Lee Young Joo has been released after spending six months in a Seoul prison for organising a demonstration against government legislation. Despite being freed, the former Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) general secretary was found guilty of all charges and handed three years in prison suspended for four years, with judges fining her 500,000 KRW (£341.45) for organising a 2015 protest: here.

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