France: remembering anti-colonialist Frantz Fanon, and the World Social Forum in Kenya

This 2016 video is called Frantz Fanon: The Wretched of The Earth.

From French daily l’Humanité:

Figuring out the Mechanisms of Domination

Translated Tuesday 26 September 2006, by Henry Crapo

The thinking of Frantz Fanon, Carribean psychiatrist, will be highlighted at the World Social Forum in Nairobi.

It was to show the topicality of Frantz Fanon’s thinking on the mechanisms of colonial domination that the Espaces Marx organized a debate on this subject on Saturday, 17 September, at the Rhone regional stand at the Fête de l’Humanité.

It was to discover this man, who was born in Fort-de-France in 1925, died in 1961, and buried in Algeria – a psychiatrist, writer, and thinker, of whom Aimé Césaire said “He is a paraclet, one whose life has become a call to us to live.”

Alice Cherki, psychiatrist and author of the biography Frantz Fanon, a Portrait, described with emotion the man with whom she had worked, first in the psychiatric service in Blida, then in Tunisia, where that militant awakener of consciousness, fighting for the independence of Algeria, had to find refuge, having been expelled by the French government.

11 thoughts on “France: remembering anti-colonialist Frantz Fanon, and the World Social Forum in Kenya

  1. Two of my recent favorites mentioned in one post! Fanon and Cesaire are very much on my mind lately. There’s a copy of Cesaire’s “Colonialism” sitting on my kitchen table right now.


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