France: Neanderthal man traces found

Neanderthal manFrom British daily The Independent:

French and Belgian archaeologists have found proof that Neanderthals – mankind’s closest relatives – were living in near-tropical conditions, hunting rhinoceros and elephant, close to what is now France’s Channel coast 125,000 years ago.

No traces of Neanderthal activity have previously been found in north-west Europe during this period – a 15,000-year interval between two ice ages.

Historians previously thought that Neanderthals, who thrived in cold conditions, had failed to adapt to the warmer weather and had retreated to the east or to the north.

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12 thoughts on “France: Neanderthal man traces found

  1. Palaeoanthropology: On the Last Neanderthals.
    The last Neanderthals were participants in one of the most
    dramatic events in the story of human evolution. At a time of
    increasing climatic instability and environmental deterioration,
    they would have had to have survived in ever-smaller groups,
    confined to less environmentally hostile refugia on the coast of
    the Mediterranean, and competing for access…
    Full report at


  2. Anthropology: A New Analysis of Neanderthal Genomic DNA.
    Our knowledge of Neanderthals is based on a limited number of
    remains and artifacts from which we must make inferences about
    their biology, behavior, and relationship to ourselves. A new
    analysis of the Neanderthal genome advances our understanding of
    the evolutionary relationship of Homo sapiens and Homo
    neanderthalensis and signifies the dawn of Neanderthal genomics…
    Full report at


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