Poetry and music night at the theatre

Pieter Jelles TroelstraPoetry and music night at the theatre.

First on stage was compere Egon Snelders, annnouncing the beginning with a tambourine.

Next were a two man band, drums and guitar, both vocals, the Kelvinators.

Inspired by punk rock and country artists like Johnny Cash.

Sometimes sounding a bit like Jonathan Richman.

One of their songs was about a boy from a trailer park in the USA, who joined the army, never knowing it would take him to Iraq.

Where he would lose a leg.

Then, a Hank Williams song, My Bucket’s Got a Hole in it.

Then, poems by C. Th. Beentjes, on war, a cat, and the political party D66.

After a pause, my column on the political party LPF, Minister Verdonk and the Schiphol fire.

Then, a presentation with slides, of poems which one can see in Leiden, written and/or painted on walls; especially from the water of the river Rhine and the singel canals.

They include a poem in the Indonesian Buginese language; one by Argentinian Borges; A une passante, by Charles Baudelaire; Gerrit Achtenberg, Kleine ode aan het water; Slauerhoff, Het zwerk ligt ter neer geslagen; Jan Hanlo, The sparrow; Dance Africaine, by Langston Hughes; When horses die, by Velimir Chlebnikov; in the Creek Language, by Louis Oliver; and in Frisian, by poet and founder of the Dutch Social Democrat Labour Party, Pieter Jelles Troelstra.

Finally, Kramer, a four piece (drums, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards plus vocals) symphonic rock band, inspired by Genesis.

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