8 thoughts on “US punk band Anti-Flag interviewed

  1. IRS Persecution of Pasadena Ca.Church
    Posted by: “GUY SMITH” guycsj3@yahoo.com guycsj3
    Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:40 am (PST)
    In my Forever War blog dated 060922 there is a link to
    an article about a church being investigated by the
    IRS for an Establishment clause violation.I have read
    the sermon in question,and find it to be a very well
    done criticsm of Bush administration policies.
    There is one thing that is glaringly absent in the
    sermon.Nowhere in the sermon is there an advisory to
    not vote for G.Bush,nor is there an advisory to vote
    for J.Kerry.The sermon is a strong indictment of
    Bush admin policies,and nothing more than that.
    I fear that this is an example of McCarthyist style
    harrassment of a church based soley on its liberal
    Write your congressperson and request an
    investigation into the IRS’s action against this
    church.Below is the link to the All Saints Church’s
    website.Please read the sermon of 2004.
    All Saints Church Will Challenge IRS Summons
    The right to thought and assembly are central rights to our national identity.We must come to the support of any person or persons who are being harrassed by big government.
    – Guy

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