Sculpture and prehistoric animals

This video says about itself:

5 July 2011

Life size sculpture of Hyracotherium a very early ancestor of the horse. The coat pattern is based on the modern water deer.

From The Scientist in the USA:

By Laura Buchholz

Prehistoric puzzles

A sculptor pieces together ancient fossils

[Published 15th September 2006]

Think you’ve seen all there is to see of the dinosaurs?

Not so fast: a new statistical study by Drs. Steven C. Wang and Peter Dodson of Swarthmore College has revealed that 71% of dinosaur genera on earth still remain to be discovered.

That’s good news for paleontologists and amateur dinosaur enthusiasts.

But it’s also good news for Richard Webber, a New York sculptor who has carved out a professional niche reconstructing fossilized remains.

Webber worked on the renovation of the American Museum of Natural History’s fossil hall in the mid-90s, where he built the Indricotherium, the world’s largest land mammal, and helped to re-mount the museum’s Tyrannosaurus rex.

These days, he works from his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, amidst a menagerie of half-assembled creatures.

A borrowed ribcage of a zebra stands hoisted at attention; a model of a beaky Titanus [sic; Titanis] pecks its way around a desk cluttered with art supplies; a Struthiomimus pelvis perches on a support, waiting for legs; the bones of a … Oligocene Sespia line up on a dusty yellow legal pad; a metal barracuda hangs from the ceiling, ever-vigilant for bait.

But the star of the studio at the moment is a four-million-year-old Odobenus rosmarus — a walrus — that Webber is reconstructing for the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Chinese snow sculptures of dinosaurs: here.

Painting prehistoric animals: here.

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