My little desert

Drunense duinenClose to where I live, along the railroad, there is an area where I used to walk often.

I looked at birds, butterflies, and damselflies, and often picked blackberries.

This spring, bulldozers owned by a real estate corporation destroyed the area and its trees, shrubs, and plants.

I was saddened and did not go there again.

However, this afternoon, I went there.

And it turned out I maybe had been too pessimistic.

True, practically no blackberries left.

But in the wake of the bulldozers, new plants, mostly yearlings, sometimes with beautiful flowers, had grown.

The area now is sandy and sparsely grown.

Somewhat like the semi desert in central northern Libya.

Or, closer to here, nature reserve De Zandkuil on Texel island, or the sand dunes in the Veluwe region, or the Drunense duinen in Brabant.

Both are famous for certain species of bees, wasps, antlions, etc.

I am no expert in finding those often overlooked animals, so I did not see them today.

I did see lots of birds’ tracks in the sand.

From the Google cache of 7/7/05, on how things used to be here:

Butterflies and damselflies

Today, a walk along the railroad.

It used to be a goods railway station there. With the grain trains, seeds of various plants used to come.

Which means some special flowers. Saint John’s wort. Poppy. Tansy.

On a purple thistle, three butterflies: both male and female Maniola jurtina, meadow brown.

A painted lady flies past. A chiffchaff sings.

A few years ago, there was a nest of European hornets here: more to the north than usually in that hot summer.

In the botanical garden, still the pondskaters in the brook. Green frogs in the pond.

At least two species of damselfly today: blue-tailed; and Enallagma cyathigerum, Common Blue Damselfly.

On my way home, the black swan in nearly the same spot as a few days ago.

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