Britain: Blair sends Iraqi refugees to mortal danger

Blair, stop anti refugee policyBy Marcus Morgan:

Iraqi asylum seekers deported from Britain

16 September 2006

The Blair government’s decision to circumvent injunction orders of the High Court and forcibly extradite 32 Iraqis back to the northern Kurdish region of Iraq marks a new low in the anti-democratic measures enacted by Home Secretary John Reid.

The asylum seekers were forced to return despite the advice of the Foreign Office and human rights organisations that the safety of failed asylum seekers back to Iraq can in no way be guaranteed.

The fear of returning to a region swamped in violence provoked some to inflict self-harm, and 15 attempted suicide. Several needed stitches, and one took an overdose.

This is the first time removals will take place as a matter of policy while there are still legal challenges outstanding.

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8 thoughts on “Britain: Blair sends Iraqi refugees to mortal danger

  1. ***Iraqi AFP Australian journalist kidnapped***

    An Iraqi freelance Australian journalist working as a stringer

    for news agency Agence France-Presse has been abducted in

    Baghdad after visiting a relative in a government-run jail.

    Bilal Abdelrahman al-Obeidi disappeared on August 14 after

    he visited a detention centre near the Interior Ministry in

    central Baghdad to see his cousin.

    Mr Obeidi’s family and AFP have been in contact with his

    captors using his mobile telephone but the kidnappers have

    not identified themselves nor made any demands,

    apart from asking for recharge codes for their own telephones.

    The kidnapping has been reported to the Iraqi

    Government and the US military, which coordinates security in Baghdad.

    AFP only decided to publicise it after failing

    to persuade Mr Obeidi’s captors to release him.

    Mr Obeidi, who worked in the Sunni city of Ramadi,

    a hotbed of Iraq’s insurgency, is the second AFP

    employee to have been kidnapped in recent months.

    The news agency is still without news of office accountant

    Salah Jali al-Gharrawi, who was seized by gunmen on the

    evening of April 4 after leaving the AFP bureau in central Baghdad.

    Thousands of Iraqis have been kidnapped in recent months

    amid a rising tide of sectarian violence.

    The bodies of murdered torture victims are found daily

    in Baghdad’s streets and waterways.

    ABS News Online – AFP


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