USA: art on Guantanamo Bay torture camp invades Disneyland

Guantanamo Bay torture, cartoon

From the Daily Mirror in England:


GUERILLA artist Banksy has struck again – sneaking a statue of a Guantanamo Bay detainee into Disneyland.

The manacled figure in an orange jump-suit appeared beside the Rocky Mountain Railroad ride.

It was there almost two hours before being removed by guards at the California theme park.

Bristol-born Banksy says he wanted to highlight the plight of terror suspects held in Cuba.

British minister Falconer on Guantanamo: here.

More Guantanamo here.

Disney strike: here.

Banksy: here.

8 thoughts on “USA: art on Guantanamo Bay torture camp invades Disneyland

  1. Banksy gets paid £1 for exhibition

    Art: Graffiti artist Banksy was paid just £1 to stage an exhibition at a museum in his home town and ordered council bosses to destroy all CCTV footage of him preparing the show.

    A Freedom of Information Act request revealed the elusive artist had been paid the nominal fee by Bristol City Council for his exhibition at the City Museum and Art Gallery.

    More than 230,000 people have visited the free Banksy vs Bristol Museum exhibition since it opened on June 13 and there are queues of up to two miles on most days.


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