Bats in love prevent Shakespeare’s Macbeth from being played

This is a 2014 bat video from the Netherlands.

From Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad (translated):

Bats in love prevent theater play in fort


BUNNIK – Bats in love in Fort Rhijnauwen [central Netherlands] prevent the play Bloedbanket by theatre company Smeedwerk from being played.

This adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth would have been played fifteen times as part of the Month of the Forts.

The first time would have been on Thursday.

All shows are off.

Recent research by the Vereniging voor Zoogdierkunde en Zoogdierbescherming (VZZ) has shown that the bats living in Fort Rhijnauwen are already flocking together.

Earlier than expected.

During this flocking period, the bats mate.

After seven in the evening, the animals definitely should not be disturbed.

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