USA: tallest tree in the world discovered

This is a giant sequoia video from the USA.

From Associated Press in the USA:

Redwood in Remote Northern Calif. Forest Measured as Tallest Living Thing at 378.1 Feet

REDWOOD NATIONAL PARK, Calif. Sep 8, 2006 — A redwood in a remote Northern California coastal forest has been tentatively measured as the world’s tallest living thing.

The tree called Hyperion stands at 378.1 feet, eight feet taller than the previous record holder, another coast redwood dubbed Stratosphere Giant in a state park about 90 miles south.

Two amateur California naturalists found the tree earlier this summer during a bushwhacking expedition in search of tall trees.

Chris Atkins, credited with discovering the Stratosphere Giant in 2000, and Michael Taylor returned later with scientists to obtain more exact measurements of the tree’s height using a tripod-mounted laser.

The team also identified two other redwoods in the same forest taller than the reigning record holder: a tree called Helios at 376.3 feet and another called Icarus at 371.2 feet.

Officials would not pinpoint the exact locations of the trees out of concern that too many visitors could damage the delicate ecology of the mild, foggy slopes where the trees live.

Metasequoia: Dawn Redwood: here.

Corsham Court Oriental plane ‘most spreading tree in UK’: here.

Scientists have developed a mathematical model that predicts the maximum height trees can reach in particular environmental conditions: here.

Big trees, like the old-growth forests they inhabit, are declining globally: here.

10 thoughts on “USA: tallest tree in the world discovered

  1. Howdy.

    Stumbled by again – have an update for your page.

    Found Hyperion in January.

    In the link provided earlier, an image of Hyperion Redwood is provided. I don’t think another photo exists online. Anyhow, that’s what it looks like – a redwood tree.





    May I be a great big tree
    so big I can’t see those taking shelter under me,
    a deep green conical figure wrapped in serenity
    Just as I dangle my bare feet in the water
    may my roots joyfully draw
    from an unknown subterranean current

    May I be such a great big tree
    that those who look at me
    will naturally feel peace and repose

    Yet may my luxuriating branches and leaves
    whisper to a breeze like stray hair
    May they awaken before anyone else in the rosy glow of morning
    May their blue shadows be cast on earth
    spreading like a trailing lace skirt
    May my thoughts be kind
    May my thoughts be refreshing
    The tree will not move
    The tree will not speak
    yet may it be a ladder heavenly children ascend and descend

    If someone comes and rests by me at the height of day
    I will provide deep shadow and infinite comfort

    On a stormy day
    I will be even greater, more stalwart
    I will firmly anchor my roots in the great earth and will not sway
    Yet my sap will flow smoothly
    even my incised wounds will issue forth a refreshing scent
    Soon I will whisper a smiling song
    When night arrives I will dissolve into darkness
    unbeknownst to people
    may the song alone become invisible ripples

    Kiyoko Nagase

    © Nao Inoue
    © Translation: 2009, Takako Lento

    Poem of the Week:

    Kiyoko Nagase page:


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