Britain: food industry workers lose fingers. Bosses don’t care

Right to refuse unsafe work, trade union badgeFrom British daily News Line:

CARNAGE! – workers lose fingers at Katsouris fresh foods

Following two industrial accidents since July when two workers lost fingers at work, the GMB union is holding a mass meeting of food workers in Wembley today.

The GMB has invited its 2,500 members at Katsouris Fresh Foods, Park Royal, to the meeting at 4pm at Brent Indian Association Community Resource Centre, 116, Ealing Road, Wembley.

GMB member Dimple Muit lost the top of the middle finger of her right hand while using a machine which she had already reported as faulty.

Her suffering was compounded when her Katsouris manager allegedly refused to call an ambulance, offering her nothing but tissues to staunch the flow of blood from her damaged hand.

When she was finally taken to hospital by car she was left by herself outside the A&E unit bleeding heavily from her injured hand and holding a plastic bag containing her severed finger in the other.

The delay meant that her finger could not be re-attached.

Report of the GMB meeting: here.

Update here.

Immigrant workers in the USA: health risks: here.

Temporary workers used and abused in UK: here.

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