Belgian armed neo-nazi plotters arrested

Stop nazi dooormat

From IRNA news agency:

Belgian police have arrested 17 suspected neo-Nazis who were said to be planning terror attacks in Belgium.

The suspects were arrested on Thursday in the Flemish-speaking Flanders region of Belgium, local media reported.

11 of those arrested are soldiers and all 17 are known to hold far-right views.

Several fire arms were seized as were landmine detonators, explosives and a large quantity of ammunition.

The main suspect is known to be a member of the neo-Nazi Blood and Honor Flanders group and is believed to be planning to carry out terror attacks in order to destabilize the country.

Picture on Blood & Honour Flanders website

In case any apologist for the arrested nazis claims they were supposedly ‘nonviolent’, this image from their own website speaks another language …

Commemorating victims of nazi concentration camp Buchenwald, and the present German government: here.

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