Dragonflies. butterflies, and 280 plant species

Speckled wood, photo by Jeanne LauwenA red admiral (called in Dutch: Atalanta).



A speckled wood butterfly.

I meet a botanist, and see a clavaria related fungus.

And three-lobe beggarticks.

Last year, the botanist says, he counted 280 plant species in this nature reserve.

Including New England hawkweed.

And its relative Hieracium aurantiacum.

I walk further, and see Amanita mushrooms.

And Meripilus giganteus.

The rain of the past days was good for fungi.

Talking about dragonflies: giant dragonflies and the atmosphere.

3 thoughts on “Dragonflies. butterflies, and 280 plant species

  1. Sorry Jeanne, I had forgotten to fill in the alt=”” of the picture. Now I have alt=”Speckled wood, photo by Jeanne Lauwen” (the caption of photos at my blog shows whenever a mouse moves over it).


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