UK: Tony Blair now a lame duck Prime Minister

UK debate on Blair's resignation, cartoon by Martin Rowson

From London daily The Morning Star:

Dead in the water

(Wednesday 06 September 2006)

THE Tony Blair premiership is over. It’s dead in the water.

The only point at issue is the date of the funeral.

The Prime Minister’s chums at Rupert Murdoch’s flagship Sun have done their best to cobble together a shabby compromise, suggesting that he would resign next May, allowing him to complete a decade in Downing Street.

But it is an illustration of the failure – or, more likely, the utter refusal – of both Mr Blair and his coterie in the media and in the Cabinet to comprehend just how unpopular he is now that even this gesture was no longer enough.

Labour Party organisations in Scotland and Wales, to the extent that they still exist, know that they are on a hiding to nothing in next year’s Holyrood and Cardiff Bay elections if Mr Blair still leads the party.

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