Afghanistan: fourteen British soldiers die

Afghanistan war and Bush, cartoonFrom The Observer in Britain:

14 British troops die in Afghan air crash

· Worst military disaster in war on terror
· MoD says tragedy was an accident

David Smith, Mark Townsend and Peter Beaumont

Sunday September 3, 2006

The British forces suffered their most deadly day since the war on terror began when a Nimrod surveillance aircraft from RAF Kinloss in Scotland crashed yesterday while supporting Nato ground operations in Afghanistan, killing all 14 servicemen on board.

Twelve RAF personnel, a Royal Marine and a soldier were among those who died when the aircraft came down in Kandahar province during an operation against Taliban insurgents.

The aircraft, which was due for replacement, was flying out of Oman, and is one of 12 Nimrods in service. It is equipped with some of the RAF’s most secret and sophisticated communications, surveillance and communications equipment.

According to Dutch site (translated):

AMSTERDAM – Many Dutch soldiers in the Afghan provincie Uruzgan have lost faith in the [so called] humanitarian military mission.

De Telegraaf this Sunday writes this, based on interviews with soldiers’ family members.

De Telegraaf is a Rightist daily, usually supporting the Rightist government’s military policy.

War and Bush, cartoon

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