Britain: Blair’s Opus Dei Secretary Ruth Kelly promotes bigotry

Ruth Kelly cartoon, by Steve Bell

From London daily News Line:

Monday, 28 August 2006


ONE of Opus Dei’s members in the Labour Cabinet, Ruth Kelly, yesterday made a call to close down Muslim schools that promote ‘isolationism’.

Opus Dei is the reactionary Catholic secret group that seeks to drag society backwards towards the ‘glory’ of the Catholic Church’s feudal past, which was shattered by the Reformation, the execution of Charles I, and the forced emigration of James II.

At the same time, news has been released that before he departed for his summer holidays, Prime Minister Blair attended a private mass, officiated over by a Franciscan monk, a Father Seed, at 10 Downing Street.

The forces of open counter-revolution are gathering.

Following her recent announcement that the era of multi-culturalism in Britain was over, and that there were non-negotiable rules that all would have to obey without question, Kelly’s latest pronouncement carries more than a whiff of the crusader about it.

Kelly said that the government had to ‘stamp out’ Muslim schools which were trying to change British society to fit Islamic values.

She cried that ‘They should be shut down’, and that ‘Different institutions are open to abuse and where we find abuse we have got to stamp it out and prevent that happening.’

The image of Opus Dei stamping on ‘uppity’ Muslims is as old as the inquisition itself.

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11 thoughts on “Britain: Blair’s Opus Dei Secretary Ruth Kelly promotes bigotry

  1. A beautiful characteristic o fOpus Dei is that it does not curtail its members’ freedom,
    especially when ti comes to the member’s professional life. Opus Dei gives the means of
    Christian formation to its members, no more, no less. The heading “Opus Dei Speaks Out From The
    Cabinet” is therefore erroneous because Sec. Kelly was speaking for herself and not on behalf
    of Opus Dei. I hope that the statement can be edited.


  2. Dear Mica, your comment proves that Opus Dei has its apologists.

    The headline is a quotation from News Line daily, and changing quotations cannot be done.

    How true can Opus Dei claims to stand for freedom and Christianity be, if we know its founder was an ally of bloody Spanish dictator Francisco Franco?


  3. Dear Philip, I note that you have no counter arguments against the fact that Mr Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, was an ally of murderous Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. It would thus be an insult against the Roman Catholics butchered by Franco, especially in the Basque country and Catalonia, to say that ‘Opus Dei is just a part if [sic] the Catholic Church’. That one Opus Dei supporter would agree with another one is only to be expected.


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