Tango lessons between parakeets and bats

Ring-necked parakeetThis afternoon, there was tango dancing near the pond of the city park.

Including free tango lessons by Jessica Bijvoet.

She used to live in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentine, where the tango was born about 100 years ago.

She lived close to the Buenos Aires nature reserve Costanera Sur which I visited in 1991 and wrote about in my book on going to the Antarctic.

The park of today’s dancing is not as valuable as Costanera Sur.

Still, it was a beautiful setting.

It is described in Jan Wolkers’ books.

At night, various bat species fly there over the pond.

During the dancing, I heard a ring-necked parakeet calling.

Related to, but different from, the monk parakeets of Costanera Sur and elsewhere in Buenos Aires.

Many women, and only one man, had dressed specially for the dancing.

In the streets around the park, many semi wild hens with little chicks.

3 thoughts on “Tango lessons between parakeets and bats

  1. An exotic day in very Dutch Park! I thought a tano was a very stylized, even harsh dance.
    Why do you use ‘Dear Kitty’in you blogname? I thought was a fad-type Asian toy.


  2. Hi Constance, thank you very much for your so welcome comment!

    Sorry about over sensitive anti spam software at Blogsome delaying its appearance.

    The Dear Kitty title: for explanation click here.
    The title is inspired by Anne Frank’s diary.
    The Asian (Japanese) toy-cartoon character is Hello Kitty.


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