USA: workers demand health care for all

Health care in the USA, 1994 cartoon

From British daily News Line:

Saturday, 19 August 2006

US workers demand health care for all

RALLIES will take place across the United States on Tuesday, August 22, demanding action to tackle the country’s health care crisis.

America has a system of private health insurance.

Urging workers to join Tuesday’s rallies, organisers of the ‘Americans for Health Care’ campaign say: ‘Nearly 46 million Americans are uninsured.

‘At least 18,000 people die each year because they don’t have health insurance.

‘We may not see a chalk outline at a crime scene for those Americans who die because they lack insurance, but it’s just as criminal.

‘Chalk it up to inaction or misplaced priorities, but now is the time for our leaders to draw a new conclusion about our nation’s health care crisis.

‘Join thousands of Health Care Voters at coordinated rallies across the country on August 22!

Find out what’s going on in your state.’

Barbara Woodward, from Epping, in New Hampshire, is one of those backing the National Day of Action.

She told the ‘Chalk It Up!’ website: ‘I haven’t had health insurance for the last five years.

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