UK, USA: big terrorism plot? How believable?

Bush and Bin Laden, cartoon

For many big news media, the big news now is about a terrorist plot against trans-Atlantic airplanes, supposedly foiled today.

How much should we believe of this conspiracy theory?

Some, including London daily News Line, are skeptical:

Friday, 11 August 2006


EARLY yesterday morning 21 people were arrested and charged under the various terrorism acts, while Scotland Yard said that the 21 were engaged in a plot to blow up planes and ‘commit mass murder on an unimaginable scale.’

While the state has said that it cannot be sure that it has apprehended all of the people allegedly engaged in this plot, the Prime Minister remains on his holidays, as does the Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett, as do all the MPs, with parliament remaining unrecalled.

The state is obviously in charge and running the show.

Despite the fact that officials have said that as many as 10 US planes were due to be blown up in mid-flight with thousands of people perishing, this is not a crisis worthy of the recall of parliament or the recall of the premier.

The situation is still designated as ‘critical’ meaning that a ‘terrorist’ attack is imminent.

Meanwhile armed police are being dispatched to the ports, all of the country’s airports are at a standstill, flights to Europe have been cancelled, and mothers are being forced to taste their babies’ supply of milk in front of officials, to prove that the liquid is not explosive or poisonous, but the PM and assorted MPs are cavorting from the Bahamas to the Riviera.

There have been three meetings of Cobra, the state security committee, in the last 24 hours.

The committee met and included leading civil servants, police chiefs and military officers, but no Prime Minister, in what we are told is a life and death situation.

Also, London daily The Morning Star takes the mainstream media blitz with a grain of salt:

Excise the root cause

(Thursday 10 August 2006)

HOME Secretary John Reid insists, in the wake of police operations into an alleged plot to blow up planes, that there is “common cause” among the people of Britain in “a long, wide and deep struggle against very evil people.”

There is certainly common cause that we do not want to be blown up and that we will be on guard to prevent it happening.

But that doesn’t mean that we subscribe to the same pseudo-religious claptrap that Mr Reid shares with his mentors Tony Blair and George W Bush.

To blame terrorism simply on “very evil people” may play well with President Bush‘s right-wing bible-bashing extremists, but it should not be entertained by anyone but the hard of thinking.

US neoconservatives and their transatlantic mimics spout this childish twaddle because they wish to cover up the link between individual terrorism and the state terrorism waged by the imperialist powers.

More skeptical questions here.

And here.

And here.

Theoretically, one might consider the possibility that what the Bush and Blair administration say on this alleged plot is true.

However, remember the story of the little boy who cried Wolf! again and again, till people became sick of running away from wolves which never turned up?

And when the real wolf really came, and the boy announced him, nobody believed him?

The Bush and Blair administrations have lied again and again on weapons of mass derstruction in Iraq, the death of weapons expert Dr Kelly, on the Valerie Plame-Dick Cheney scandal, the killing of the “terrorist” who turned out to be innocent Jean Charles de Menezes etc. etc. to justify their wars.

So even if there is the theoretical possibility of them this time, like a broken clock which indicates the right time twice a day, being right for once, they should blame skepticism on this on themselves.

Not on the people.

Update: here.

Update 12 September 2008: Britain: Jury in alleged transatlantic bomb plot trial fails to convict on central charges: here.

Update 9 September 2009: Transatlantic airline plot: The case that “couldn’t be allowed to fail”: here.

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