USA: anti Iraq war Democrat defeats pro Bush Senator Lieberman

Bush and Lieberman kissingBy Patrick Martin:

Pro-war Democrat Joseph Lieberman defeated in Connecticut primary

9 August 2006

The defeat of Connecticut senator Joseph Lieberman in Tuesday’s Democratic Party primary has sent shock waves through the American political establishment.

Less than six years after serving as the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, on the ticket which won the most votes in the 2000 election, Lieberman was repudiated in a record primary turnout fueled by massive antiwar sentiment among Connecticut voters.

The turnout was estimated by state election officials at 45-50 percent of registered Democrats, double the usual level and by far the largest proportion of the electorate to participate in any recent primary election, particularly one held in the midst of the summer vacation season.

So great was the interest that nearly 30,000 people registered as Democrats in the run-up to the primary so that they would be eligible to vote.

Half of these were previously registered as independents and apparently reregistered so they could give expression to their antiwar sentiments by casting a ballot against the most consistently pro-war Democratic senator.

The Connecticut primary campaign had already demonstrated the enormous gulf between the Democratic Party establishment and the vast majority of Democratic voters, as well as the American public as a whole.

According to one poll taken in late July, 94 percent of Connecticut Democrats who had decided to vote against Lieberman cited the war in Iraq as their principal reason.

The same poll found that, nationally, 80 percent of those identifying themselves as Democrats opposed the war in Iraq, and 75 percent believed that all US troops should be withdrawn either immediately or within the next year.

Lieberman; cartoon

4 thoughts on “USA: anti Iraq war Democrat defeats pro Bush Senator Lieberman

  1. *Tell Our Democratic Officeholders To ONLY Support Ned Lamont*

    CALL YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS TOLL-FREE AT 888-355-3588 OR 800-828-0498

    ACTION PAGE: (Democrats only)

    The greatest thing that could have happened did last night, Ned Lamont
    beat Joe the “BUSH” Lieberman in Connecticut. The people of CT spoke
    out for real policy change. And now this nation sees there is a future
    for all Democrats and this nation in November. The fact: Americans are
    waking up. Support Ned Lamont and every Democrat you know.

    When he first threatened to disregard the result of his own party’s
    primary, Lieberman said that he could justify it because the turnout
    would be low. Instead there was record turnout in CT last night. But
    Joe still refuses to get it.

    Worse yet, in his non-concession speech he essentially accused any
    Democrat who would not support him of being guilty of “petty
    partisanship”. What exactly is running for the nomination of a
    particular party supposed to be if not partisan? What is the point of
    seeking a party’s nomination if you will not honor the decision of your

    Lieberman cannot now continue to run as an “independent Democrat”, an
    unlawful construction of words which he repeated again. He can run as
    NO Democrat at all in CT in 2006. And now is finally the time for all
    Democratic office holders everywhere to declare that they will support
    ONLY the winner of the Democratic party primary in CT, Ned Lamont.

    ACTION PAGE: (Democrats only)

    [This alert is brought to you through the activism of James Wright,
    running for the U.S. House in the 8th Congressional district, and one of
    the leading progressive voices in the state of Texas. Follow the other
    links on the action page for Jim’s own proposals of bills to REALLY
    protect us.]


  2. Joe’s Still Got It Wrong

    Joe Lieberman said he lost yesterday because of the excessive partisanship that has become part of politics. He’s wrong. He lost because to an opponent in his own party who ran an issue-oriented, anti-war campaign.

    Lieberman’s backing of a foolish president with a foolish foreign policy was not bipartisanship. It was foolishishness itself.

    The Republicans should take note of what happened to Fox News’ favorite Democrat. They know that anti-war sentiment isn’t limited to Democratic voters.

    Tip O’Neill used to say,”All politics is local.” Well, when a young soldier is buried in your state or district as a casualty of this foolish war, that makes Iraq a very local issue.


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