James Joyce’s play Exiles in London

This video is called James Joyce reading from “Finnegans Wake”.

From London daily The Morning Star:

Blurred motives

(Wednesday 09 August 2006)

National Theatre/Cottesloe, London SE1

ROBERT TANITCH becomes embroiled in a tangled web of deceit and doubt in James Joyce‘s riveting autobiographical play Exiles.

James Joyce wrote his only play, the autobiographical Exiles, in 1914-15.

He didn’t think that an audience would be able to follow it.

He also didn’t think that any theatrical manager would “stage it in our chaste and castrated English-speaking world.”

He was right. WB Yeats, who ran Dublin’s Abbey Theatre, turned it down and it didn’t get a major performance until 1970.

Acted by John Wood, Vivien Merchant and Timothy West, its quality was immediately recognised by the critics.

It was directed by Harold Pinter, who would go on to write Betrayal.

More Pinter: here.

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