Amsterdam zoo: giraffe, other young animals born

This video from the USA says about itself:

This video shows the birth of a baby giraffe, named Zahra, at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

For the second time in a short period, in Amsterdam zoo a young giraffe [see also here] was born.

Little Lien was born early on Sunday morning, a zoo spokeswoman said.

Both mother and baby are well. …

During the last weeks, many new animals joined the zoo, including a zebra foal, a scimitar-horned oryx, a Southern cassowary, an ibex [see also here], coatis, young sea lions and snowy owls.

Baby giraffe in England: here.

White giraffe: here.

Amazing footage of a baby ibex’s perilous escape from a fox has been captured on film by a BBC natural history cameraman: here.

September 2010: Through joint efforts of Colombian and British conservationists to protect and ensure the survival of the only Mountain coati (Nasuella olivacea), ever kept in captivity, the general public will begin to understand about this enigmatic mammal and its conservation: here.

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