Scotland: rare whales and dolphins seen. Climate change?

This video is called Minke Whale Species Identification.

From National Geographic:

Rare Whales Appear off Scotland, Heat Wave Blamed

Kate Ravilious in Edinburgh

for National Geographic News

Unusually large numbers of dolphins and whales have been sighted off the eastern coast of Scotland this summer, including several species that are rare in these waters.

Scientists believe the sightings may be the result of the heat wave currently gripping the U.K.

The sea around Aberdeen is teeming with minke whales and white-beaked dolphins, observers report. More than 40 white-beaked dolphins were sighted on one occasion.

Groups of common dolphins have also been seen somersaulting near the fishing town of Fraserburgh, and a humpback whale has been observed in the Outer Hebrides islands, far from its normal range.

A pilot whale and some Risso’s dolphins add to the list of unusual sightings.

And farther down the coast, just south of the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, whale-watchers spotted a fin whale—the first such sighting in over a hundred years.

Global warming appears to be warming all the waters up,” said Peter Macdonald, a whale-watcher with the Sea Watch Foundation, a marine conservation and research group based Oxford, England.

Two Large Pods of Risso’s Dolphins Seen in the English Channel: here.

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