Lebanon: civilians, and also archaeological treasures, suffer from war

Baalbek in Lebanon

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in the USA:

Biblical Sites May Be Hurt, Experts Worry



American archaeologists warned Friday that fierce fighting in Lebanon and northern Israel could damage or destroy the region’s rich archaeological heritage — threatening sites from biblical, Roman, Crusader and Byzantine times.

The heads of the Archaeological Institute of America and the American Schools for Oriental Research called on all parties in the conflict to “avoid targeting” cultural sites and do everything possible to minimize any damage to antiquities.

“This region embodied much of the early history of the three great religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam,” said AIA President Jane Waldbaum.

“With people lobbing missiles and bombs all over the place, the risk of damage could be very serious.”

Waldbaum said the institute had unconfirmed reports of damage at Baalbek, the spectacular site of pre-Roman and Roman ruins in the Bekaa Valley about 50 miles northeast of Beirut.

Heavy Israeli bombing has also been reported at Tyre, which lies in territory controlled by Hezbollah just north of the Israeli border.

Extensive Roman ruins at Tyre are among a half-dozen sites in Lebanon listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List of important cultural sites and monuments.

Petition against this destruction: here.

The war and Haifa zoo: here.

Anti war demonstrations in Israel and elsewhere: here.

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