The Netherlands: young white-tailed eagle flies along with its parents

White-tailed eagle

From Dutch regional broadcasters Omroep Flevoland:

The young white-tailed eagle in Oostvaardersplassen [nature reserve in the central Netherlands] is not lost.

He is sitting on his parents’ nest.

Rangers of Staatsbosbeheer found this out early this Saturday morning from a small airplane.

After the white-tailed eagle had fledged on Thursday afternoon, he had not been seen again.

There was fear that he could not yet really fly well, and had landed somewhere in the reed beds.

There proves to be no cause for this fear: as the first white-tailed eagle ever born in Flevoland province just flies along with its parents.

White-tailed eagles in Scotland: here.

Bald eagles in Arizona, USA: here.

4 thoughts on “The Netherlands: young white-tailed eagle flies along with its parents

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