‘Free speech’ in Bush’s USA: two years in jail if you’re pro peace?

This video by Jon Snow is called Iraq, The Hidden Story.

From Newsday in the USA:

Spray-Painting Politician Convicted

By Associated Press

July 20, 2006

TOLEDO, Ohio — A former councilman and one-time mayoral candidate was convicted of spray-painting anti-war slogans on highway overpasses.

Mike Ferner was found guilty of felony vandalism and possession of criminal tools. He faces up to two years in prison.

Ferner, 55, could have agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge and avoided trial.

But he said he saw the trial as another opportunity to make his case against the war in Iraq.

He was arrested in January along Interstate 475 and U.S. 23. The State Highway Patrol said Ferner painted the slogan “Troops Out Now” on several overpasses.

Ferner has been a critic of U.S. military action in Iraq and in 2003 took part in a “peace tour” there.

He was elected to City Council in 1989 as an independent.

In 1993, he ran unsuccessfully for mayor.

In The Netherlands and other countries, there is a tradition of all political parties spray painting.

No one of them goes to jail for it. Certainly not for two years; while Fox and other corporate media trumpet the Bush administration’s pro war views all the time.

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