Libya: little owl, dove of peace, archaeology

Little owl on ancient Greek coin

Another short blog from me, from 20 April.

At Ptolemais archaeological site in Libya, a fence marks the area of archaeological importance.

On that fence today, a little owl.

Little owl photos: here.

Contrary to the little tern, not the smallest owl species in the world, scops and pygmy owl species being smaller.

Nevertheless, a significant owl.

Being depicted on ancient Greek coins, being the bird symbol of Athena, goddess of wisdom.

Next to the little owl on the fence: a Senegal turtle dove.

Doves are the symbols of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love.

Nice, these two birds peacefully together on the fence: though the two goddesses, though half sisters, don’t always get along well.

A call for wisdom and love in managing the archaeological treasures of Ptolemais, Libya, and the world?


5 thoughts on “Libya: little owl, dove of peace, archaeology

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