Britain: banners and other items from labour history

Banner of British trade unionFrom London daily The Morning Star:

Artefacts and action

(Friday 14 July 2006)

TERRY McCARTHY explains why memorabilia should play a part in our future.

GIVEN the revival in interest in labour history that is now becoming apparent, it seems appropriate to mark the role of the small band of enthusiasts who played a crucial role in saving trade union banners and other labour movement memorabilia, namely the Trade Union Labour Co-operative History Society, led by Communist Party member Henry Fry.

Fry had been a lifelong activist, working closely with Sylvia Pankhurst by editing her various journals.

Like many of his generation, he had been victimised because of his beliefs and activities.

TULC began collecting labour movement memorabilia, including trade union banners, in the early ’60s and held exhibitions all over the country.

Fry was joined by former Social Democratic Federation member Walter Southgate who was also a lifelong Marxist.

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