Spying on US peace movement outsourced to private firm SRA International

Obama and Bush domestic spying scandal, 2013 cartoon

By Fergus Michaels:

The outsourcing of political intimidation

Private firm revealed to be spying on antiwar groups in California

12 July 2006

The Los Angeles Times recently revealed that a private corporation, SRA International, contracted by the California Office of Homeland Security (OHS), has compiled reports on demonstrations staged by political protest and antiwar groups in the state.

The state monitoring of political opposition in California is representative of the broader assault on democratic rights taking place throughout the United States.

The Times wrote in articles published July 1 and 2 that it had obtained 2 of approximately 60 reports, which were prepared on a daily basis since March 2006.

Political activities reviewed in the reports include an animal rights rally in San Francisco, a Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom gathering at a courthouse in Santa Barbara in support of an antiwar protester facing federal trespassing charges, and an antiwar demonstration in Walnut Creek.

The reports also contained summaries of news articles about the Iraq war, animal rights activists and terrorism.

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